Flood SMS with Tippy’s SMS Bomber

Tippy’s SMS Bomber is small application which lets you flood anyone’s INBOX. Its really easy to configure you just need to enter the Gmail Username and Password, and then that’s it now you can flood their INOBX easily.

Follow the below steps to use Tippy’s SMS Flooder .:

1. Download Tippy’s SMS Flooder
2. Now you need .NET Framework to RUN This Application so make sure you have it else this application will give some errors in running.
3. Now you will see something like below .:

4. So here in the above image you can see that you have the option to enter your Gmail Credentials to configure your SMS Bomber Application.
5. It supports many operators so you have to check if it supports your or not.
6. Now Send unlimited SMS and flood their INBOX .:

Enjoy Flooding SMSsss.....



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