Convert gif Images Into jpeg Without Losing Animation

Most of us think that jpeg (or jpg) images are still images which can't show animations, but it's wrong. JPEG images can aslo show animation, by converting gif images extension in jpg. To convert any gif image extension, you need NOTEPAD++ software.

After Downloading notepad++, open its exe file. You will see a window like this image:

Now Select any gif image you want to change the extension of.
Now drag you gif image in it. It will show that image in coding form. Remember, don't change or delete anything from that code.

Now go to FILE and click on SAVE AS and DON'T CHANGE THE NAME OF IMAGE, just put .jpg at the last of image name. For example, if your image file name is "hacker.gif", then your new image name must be "hacker.jpg"
After saving, you will get you jpg file, and after opening it, you will see the animation is as it was...!! Enjoy with your jpg animations and shock your friends. Here is an example of animated jpg:



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