Make and Play your own Karaoke on your computer.
1- Suppress the Main Vocal from most Stereo
2- Synchronize Lyrics with Music
3- Sing-Along and Record your Performance
4- Full Screen Playback Display

# Use today’s newest tunes or oldies you love. – Record music from records, tapes, CDs or Internet MP3. With DART Karaoke Studio CD+G you can even rip CD+G disks.
# Import or type-in lyrics. – Use the original lyrics or type them as you play the track. Create new lyrics for your favorite tunes!
# Synchronize lyrics to the music – Line-up the words with the music. It’s easy. The lyrics show up to guide you through a song.
# Customize Graphics – Select fonts, colors and even add a graphic startup image to the disc or to individual tracks (DART Karaoke Studio CD+G only).
# Sing-along or record your performance – Have fun solo or with friends. Select your songs and play Karaoke. To record your performance, click the red button and sing along. Microphone and attitude not included.
# Now, real audio magic: DART DeVocalizer – DART Karaoke Studio’s Devocalizer makes the main vocal virtually disappear. The main vocal of most stereo recordings is gone or reduced to a whisper, just enough to guide your singing.



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