Get Old Facebook Chat Back

Facebook introduced new chat interface, which for some people is really a mess as it is not much comfortable so we are back with another trick to get back your old Facebook chat back follow the below trick to see how it works. Remember this trick uses Firefox and Google Chrome web browser and a greasemonkey script so you have download it to enable the script.

For Firefox:

Follow These Steps:
  1. Please ensure that you are using Firefox Web Browser.
  2. Download the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox.
  3. Now install the Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion Script.
  4. Now you are done with everything, simply login to your Facebook Account and use the old Chat.
For Google Chrome:
In Google Chrome, its really easy task to install the script to enable the Old facebook chat. Just Click the Following link to install Script. CLICK HERE TO GO TO DOWNLOAD SCRIPT PAGEIn the Script page Click ‘INSTALL’ button which is in the Top Right side of the page.
Now the Install Popup will appear, in that box CLICK ‘INSTALL’ and now the Script is Installed.
Now the Script is Installed. Now Close the Existing Facebook page and Open the Facebook again. You can See your Old Favorite Chat is available. If you cant see the old facebook chat, Clear the cache and open the facebook. Anytime you can remove this script from extension menu of the Google chrome to get the New sidebar chat box.



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