How to Download Torrents With Bittorent Client

Torrents are really awesome for our need of Movies and Softwares. These are used worldwide, but most of the people only heard about the torrents, but doesn't know the method of downloading torrents. So, I am going to explain the method to download torrents using torrent client.

1. Download any bit torrent client and install it in your PC. For example uTorrent. Download From Here.
2. Now go to any torrent search engine, like or
3. Now search for your desired content.
4. Now from search results, select any provider.
5. Now After clicking any provider, you will get torrent download locations.
6. Click any download location and download "TORRENT" file.
7. A torrent file will be downloaded like this image.
8. Now Double Click on that file. Torrent client will be opened asking to download the torrent.
9. Click OK and download will be added to uTorrent.
10. To start downloading, click on the button as shown in the image.
11. Now, your download will start. You can close the uTorrent and can resume your download anytime...!!
If you find images of this post not so clear, don't worry. Just click on the image. It will be enlarged.



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