how to make a blue post on facebook

how to make a blue post on facebook - Yesterday I Have Explaining How to Create a Status crossed on Facebook, which may be helpful for my friend All. Well I will now explain
How to Create a Status / We Becoming Blue posts on Facebook, for example please see Figure Buddies
Above (click to enlarge picture)

Then how His way?
First: Please Select Buddy Updates Via what want (Whatever)-right click open link new tab, then wait 5 seconds loading. until a SKIP AD, nah deh click its SKIP AD.

via BlackBerry
via Google
Via Facebook Live

Then it will open a New Page Like This

Second: Copy the code below and paste it in a new page like the example above had

@ [100002499535762:0: Sentence buddy here]

Third: Then click publish or Publish and see its results, buddy status will change to blue is not easy?

(Remember, the Facebook page will shrink later lo, but it does not matter, after my friend yan page was last CLOSE of the right page again pal) okay buddy, Hopefully Helpful, who do not understand please contact me or up to 0853 7472 3131 - Not Serving SMS )



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