Remove Time Limit From Trial Software

You can stop time limit of trial softwares using TIME STOPPER software.

First click Browse and select the executable(.exe) file of the software whose trial limit you want to remove. Then go ahead and choose the date, this date should be within the trial period of the software. Let me elaborate, for example you installed a trial software on 1st June, used it till 3rd June and is going to expire on 15th June. Now you will select the date between 4th June and 14th June.

On the right side of the screen you will be shown a system calendar so that you can know what date is today. In the next step, choose the time and finally click, Open software on your date button. This will open the software on the date that you have defined.

If you have to open any trial software frequently using Time Stopper, you can create it’s desktop shortcut. To do so, first enter the desktop icon name and then click Create Desktop Shortcut button. Now use this newly created desktop icon to open the trial software you frequently use.

Important Note: The trial limit of the trial software will come to a halt if you use Time Stopper to open that software. And once you use Time Stopper to run any trial software, make sure that you remove all desktop icons of that software. In this way you won’t accidentally click the original program icon otherwise the trial period will be permanently over. I would recommend that you read the help file too that comes with Time Stopper.
It is not a new tool, but can work with most trial software currently available and is compatible with all versions of Windows.



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