Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering/Increase Youtube Buffer Speed

I have two methods for this.

The First Method:

If you become irritated with the buffering of youtube videos while watching them, then here is a solution for you which can make you relaxed a little. To increase youtube buffering speed, you have an option :
YouTube Feather Beta - Click to visit.
Visit this page and click "Join The Feather Beta"
Then search for your desired videos.
After getting the video, open it and you will see JUST THIS ONCE and  PERMANENTLY option (Click on image to see clear and enlarged view), you may select what you want. I'll prefer "JUST THIS ONCE".

Your video will load faster.

The difference..
You can easily notice the difference between the regular YouTube videos and YouTube Feather. Not only in terms of faster streaming without buffering but also in terms of the amount of data downloaded by the browser. For instance, the browser downloaded 52 Kilobytes of data for the video in YouTube Feather when compared to 391 Kilobytes that the standard YouTube pages required.
Feather turns off most of the AJAX features on YouTube. Because of this, you can’t comment on videos (the number of loaded comments are just 10). It takes out a lot of the navigation and you have just three key actions available : to favorite a video, to flag a video and to subscribe to a channel. You can’t even rate videos, however, related videos remain limited to 5 videos compared to YouTube’s usual offering of 21.
But if you’re just interested in watching the video, none of that is going to matter to you, and you may very well not notice the difference anyway.

NOTE: The quality of video will be a little down in feather mode and this can work with selected number of videos.


Many of us are now addicted to watching Youtube videos. But it can be really boring if you have a slow internet connection. You need to either watch with buffering in between or pause it at first and wait till the whole video loads. But I have now discovered a trick which can help you open Youtube videos without buffering. Its by opening the which is Youtube page for mobile phones. Along with it you need to download Realplayer for opening 3gp file. 

Here are the steps for watching Youtube videos without buffers:

1) Open your brower and go to or if you have already opened a video replace the www. with m. For example: Change to

2) Search for your favorite video and open it.

3) Click on the video and you may either be prompted to launch an application or get an error.

In case of a error with something like cannot identify rtsp protocol, goto, download and install the realplayer. After intalling realplayer goto step 4.

4) Now your video will be loaded in realplayer or any other 3gp players. It will load without buffering as its highly compressed.

Note : This video may not work with google chrome. You may try to open the video directly from RealPlayer (See the options of RealPlayer). As, the video is made to watch in mobile phones, its highly compressed and you may not get the best quality.



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