15 Things You Get Banned From Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a favorite program is very interesting in getting dollars online, by simply placing contextual ads on your website or blog. One thing is for sure Google realizes this and make very strict rules that you should follow. But the fact that not all people want to read the TOS (rules) are very tight from Google, just a list, be approved and enter directly into the blog ... I hope it's not you

To be adsense publisher, you must obey the rules and regulations established by Google. Many common mistakes are always made by the bloggers in their efforts to generate dollars through GoogleAdsense. Here's 15 things that can make you banned by google adsense

1. Never click your own ads in any way

Rules of the most widely violated by publisher adsense, with punishment banned from Google that reached 70%. This is (probably) happen because you want to try their system by clicking on your own ads. For those who test the system, can be categorized as those who provide accidental clicks, there are ways to help you not banned by Google, by sending an email notice you accidentally click your own ads to 'learn' their systems. They definitely will help you anyway, Samalah like time you did something wrong, then apologize ... It must be forgiven kok.

2. Do not place more than 3 ad units and 3 ad links or 2 search boxes on every blog

Google provides a maximum of 3 ad units and ad links with 2 search boxes to be placed on a full page. Although you naughty with fourth place ads, you should not worry because it tokh ad will not appear. GoogleAdsense Nakh than breaking the rules but do not have results, better Dekh need not be violated.

3. Never change or implement new codes on adsense

When you've got your adsense ad code, make sure you to not alter the ad code. You are only allowed to change the color, size and banner code. For those who are not proficient in HTML, do not try this at home ... even if already the tamper ya wrote back to the configuration page.

4. Open an Account for 10 blogs

If you have 10 you want to monetize your blog with google adsense, then 1 account is sufficient, there is no prohibition for you to open more than 10 blogs. I recommend this only to minimize the impact of a small mistake can make your account banned.

5. Do not spit the secrets of your adsense account

This can happen when you're showing off your google adsense earnings reports. Must always remember that you are only allowed to show the income column, because in your adsense account there are sensitive issues which shows the CTR and impressions.

6. Do not trap the reader to meg-click your ad

Do not mislead your ads to visitors of the blog, this is one of Google's principles. Labels such as sponsors, advertisement is allowed, but the label "Click here for more" or "Great offers" is not recommended. Do not let dech got banned Google because such acts.

7. Do not show your ads in a new browser

Not advisable for you to change the coding in the first place and by adding code like target = "_blank" to open in a new browser, this violates Google Adsense TOS.

8. Do not place ads or search services similar

It is not advisable for you to run that kind of contextual text ads. Google only allows alternative services like AuctionAds, Chitika or advertisements provided by yahoo. Do not ever try to create a similar link structure iklanadsense, because it turns out the mbah Google is very jealous blind lho ...

9. Never enter the picture in Adsense ads

Pictures and ads can be an attraction for others to click your ads are not relevant. Google only allow a photo with the ad placement if there are clear boundaries between advertising and image, if not then conflict with their TOS.

10. Do not join the program click on farms

I've seen this program click on buxstro farms and the like, they stated that they will give click on your adsense ads from all members who join. Sich was really interested to join, because it is not too expensive cost of his registration. But after reading it-google read the TOS was not allowed. Yakh not so Dekh ...

11. Using a 3rd party program to increase impressions

This is equivalent to the number 10, you also may not use a paid autosurf program or surf to increase the impressions of Google, if it is done, you know you will be banned.

12. Be careful to place ads on non-content pages

Maybe you've seen blogs like that, that if we go there only doang adsense ads. It is also prohibited, one at Google would be aware of this and will make your adsense account banned

13. Do not put all keywords in one article

Sich Experts say to enter as many keywords as possible in one article, Google says do not. Who should you believe, an expert or Google that will pay you money for their ads? Writing articles with interesting content is required and the planting of keywords is advisable to get targeted visitors, but avoid excessive keywords and make your article funny.

14. Encourage to do Click

Encourage others to click your ad with sentences such as "click on my ad and I'll click on you" or "click on my ad to find more", is one of the ban from google. Sich I never encountered this in several forums / directory, fortunately I was not part of it. It can menyebabkanaccount adsense you will be disabled lho.

15. Do not use templates and AdSense Arbitrage MFA

Do not use MFA (Made for Adsense) Template! Google has banned accounts used them since June 21, 2007. Basically you generate a lot of money with this adsense arbitrage method. You will be taken on the position in the ad for content, site owners will be pleased, but unfortunately Google has to stop such acts

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