How to Create Blinking Text And Link to Blogger

Did you ever see a blinking text like this?

Welcome to my blog

or maybe the link blinks like this?

Bungtutor Blog

And if you are interested to put it on your blog, please follow the tutorial below.

To create blinking text and links is very easy, just add a tag <blink> and </ blink> within the text or links you want to make blink. Done .. For example:

<blink>Bung Tutor Blog</blink>
So the result will be like this

Bung Tutor Blog

For link

<blink><a href="" target="_blank">bungtutor blog</a></blink>

So the result:

bungtutor blog

Replace the blue text with your link address and bold text with the text you wish to view.

To be more unique and interesting, you can also give some attribute to the text. For example like the words "Welcome to my blog", above. Property that I use on Welcome to my blog posts are:

<blink style="font-weight: bold; font-family: Ravie; font-size: 18px; ">Text or your link</blink>

Please change the font type to font-family, font size for the font-size and font colors on the color according to your taste. For font-family you can use all kinds of fonts that are stored on your computer. Enter the full name of the font with the font will appear.

Good luck ..

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