Jailbreak/Unlock Idea Net Setter And All USB Modems : Detailed Tutorial

Idea Net Setter Unlocking is as simple as using it and surfing net. I am posting this trick because some of my friends asked me for this trick on Facebook's tech group, "TECH WORLD". There are so many ways of unlocking netsetters, but most of them hardly work. Many people are charging some money also to jailbreak netsetters, which is really shocking. I am sharing this method with you for free and you will not have to spend a single rupee, although you have to afford your internet yourself. So let's start with the tutorial:

Generate unlock code for Huawei USB modem:

  1. Download UNIVERSAL MASTER CODE GENERATOR FROM HERE. (You antivirus can detect it as a virus, but don't worry, It's not a virus) and then extract it.
  2. Check for the IMEI number on the reverse of the USB modem (it is a 15-digit number).
  3. Double click (to run) the Universal MasterCode.exe
  4. In the IMEI field enter your 15-digit IMEI number and press the calculate button and numbers will be generated in the Unlock and Flash fields on the right.
  5. Now insert a different (non-Idea SIM) to your Huwaei USM modem and plug it into your PC and run the Net Setter software. The Net Setter interface will prompt for an unlock code (and also mention that you have 10 attempts left, unless you have gone through the drill previously without success). Insert the unlock code generated by Universal MasterCode.exe into the field. And your Idea Netsetter should be unlocked.
Easy, wasn’t it?

Now on to step two. How to make it connect to Aircel? The first time, it connected by default but later just refused to. Here’s the jugaad to set up your Idea Net Setter for use with an Aircel (or for that matter any other, provided you have the requisite details) connection, if it doesn’t do so by itself
Change connection settings on Idea Net Setter/Huawei USB Modem:
  1. Run the Idea Net Setter application, then go to Tools > Options > Profile Management and then click on the Edit button on the right and then make the following changes to the entries there:
  2. Profile name (default: Idea) change it to Aircel (or whatever that you want to call it as).
  3. Keep the Static radio button under APN chosen
  4. In the APN field (default: internet) write aircelgprs.pr (for pre-paid connection) or aircelgprs.po (for post-paid connection). I fone doesn’t work, try othe other, irrespective of your type of connection.
  5. Change the access number (default: *99#) to *99***1#
  6. Leave the User Name and Password fields empty.
  7. Then click on the Save button, followed by the Set as Default button and then the ok button. Now try to connect. And things should work fine.
Now you are done with the work. Enjoy.

METHOD:2 (For Unlocking HUAWEI E1550)
Idea cellular’s  netsetter Huawei e1550 modem is one of the most demanded gadget for the year of 2011. Many cellular companies like Vodafone, bsnl,Airtel  has introduced their 3g Huawei modems but they  are not going to provide and inbuilt sim.

IF we unlock idea netsetter then we are able to use different simcards in idea netsetter after unlocking it.
So, here are step by step tutorial on unlocking idea netsetter.
  1. Insert You idea netsetter Huawei wireless device with Default SIM (which you buy with your idea netsetter).
  2. Now, download E-1550 Huawei modem firmware (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE) and Install Huawei firmware E-1550 For idea India.
  3. Then Download Mobile Partner’s 11.302.09.01.539 Voice USSD (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE) and install it.
  4. Then download  Video MMS Dashboard (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE).
  5. You are going to prompt for Huawei unlock/flash unlock code. please download Huawei  E-1550 Netsetter Unlocker (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE).
  6. Then Put You IMEI number in IMEI box and Find Flash code.
  7. Then put it on Flash code box and You are done  with resetting your Idea netsetter modem E1550.
With  the help of unlocked idea netsetter,you can use any simcards free gprs packages like TATADOCOMO 96rs. package in your unlocked device.
METHOD:3. (For All DataCards, like Vodafone, Idea, Tata etc):

Its simple, some free software are there to unlock the USB modem to use other Carrier SIM

What you need to UNLOCK USB modem...?
1) IMEI number of USB modem - IMEI number is Printed in it, so we get it directly from modem

2) Software to unlock - Download links are given below:

Software for automatic unlocking (USB Modem Unlocker): DOWNLOAD
Paste the IMEI no of USB modem in first software and click ok, within few seconds you will get your UNLOCK code.
With second software you can directly unlock USB modem - it automatically detects USB modem, when you press UNLOCK button , your USB is unlocked instantly.

Both are 100% safe and secure, doesn't corrupt anything.

Unlocking Modems list
  • Huawei E156C
  • Huawei E155
  • Huawei E155X
  • Huawei E156G
  • Huawei E160
  • Huawei E160E
  • Huawei E160G
  • Huawei E161
  • Huawei E166
  • Huawei E166G
  • Huawei E169
  • Huawei E169G
  • Huawei E170
  • Huawei E170G
  • Huawei E172
  • Huawei E172G
  • Huawei E176
  • Huawei E180
  • Huawei E180S
  • Huawei E180G
  • Huawei E181
  • Huawei E182
  • Huawei E182E
  • Huawei E196
  • Huawei E216
  • Huawei E219
  • Huawei E226
  • Huawei E230
  • Huawei E270
  • Huawei E271
  • Huawei E272
  • Huawei E510
  • Huawei E612
  • Huawei E618
  • Huawei E620
  • Huawei E630
  • Huawei E660
  • Huawei E800
  • Huawei E870
  • Huawei E880
  • Huawei EG162
  • Huawei EG162G
  • Huawei EG602
  • Huawei EG602G
  • Huawei E1550
  • Huawei E1551
  • Huawei E1552
  • Huawei E1553
  • Huawei E1609
  • Huawei E1612
  • Huawei E1615
  • Huawei E1616
  • Huawei E1630
  • Huawei E1632
  • Huawei E1690
  • Huawei E1692
  • Huawei E1803
  • Huawei E1820
  • Huawei S4011
  • Huawei K3517
  • Huawei K3520
  • Huawei K3710
  • Huawei UMG181
  • Huawei EM770
  • Vodafone K2540
  • Vodafone K3250
  • Vodafone K3512
  • Vodafone K3515
  • Vodafone K3520
  • Vodafone K3565
  • Vodafone K3715
  • Vodafone E3735
Check this also For Unlocking HUAWEI E1550:
1. Download Idea Netsetter Unlock Toolkit. (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE)
2. After downloading, extract the file. You will get 4 files:
    > Huawei-MobilePartner-
     >Universal MasterCode.exe
     >Huawei Unlocker.exe
(Click on the image to enlarge)
3. First run first .exe file and then plug your idea net setter
4. Now open 2nd mastercode.exe and enter your 16 digit IMEI code and click on Calculate button, you will get your Unlock code and Flash code
5. Open 3rd SIM Unlock.exe and enter your Unlock code and click on OK
6. Note : Open 4th application only if you are using other modem which requires NCK Code to unlock
7. Open Mobile Partner application and try to connect
- If you get Unlock failed: Data card have been locked forever message you need to use flash code after installing the software from here : Huawei E155X Firmware Download
1. Install DC-Unlocker client
2. Run the DC-Unlocker client
SIM Lock status : ???
Wrong codes entered : ???
if SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock) & Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0) reset counter
SIM Lock status : Locked (customized firmware)
1. Double click the firmware update.exe
2. Enter your 8 digit flash code
You do at your own risk!

SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
1. Run the Code Writer
2. click - Check lock
3. enter your 8 digit unlock code
4. click Unlock.

Online NCK Code Calculator: http://adf.ly/4GLkC



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