Make Your Gmail Account More Secured With SMS Verification

Most of us use gmail as our mailbox. But gmail has a special security feature which is unknown for 98% of gmail users. That feature name is "2 Step Verification". This feature enables double security while logging in to gmail account. This feature gives mobile verification code for login with your default password. So, if you activate this feature and login to your gmail account, gmail will send a login verification code at your mobile number and if you will enter that code, then your login will be successful. Let's see how to activate this feature:

1. Go to and click on SIGN IN button on the top right side of page, as shown in figure.

2. A login box will appear. Enter your mail id and password in that and click SIGN IN.

3. If your id and password is correct, you will see that your username will appear on the top right side of google page.

4. Click on that username and click ACCOUNT SETTINGS, as shown in figure.

5. Your account overview will open. Click on EDIT belonged to USING 2-STEP VERIFICATION, as shown in figure.

6. Your setup page will open. Click on START SETUP.

7. A new page will appear asking you to choose how you want your verification code. Select TEXT MESSAGE OR VOICE CALL, as shown in the figure.

8. Now, a page will open asking you to fill your mobile details. Enter mobile number, select your choice of receiving verification code (SMS or Voice Call) and click SEND CODE. You will receive an SMS which will include your mobile number verification code. Enter that code in the verification box and click VERIFY.

9. If you will enter the correct code, your mobile number will be configured. Now click NEXT.

10. Click NEXT to go ahead for Backup Options.

11. Note down your verification codes provided by gmail and keep them on a safe place, so that if you lose your mobile, you can login with that code. Select the checkbox before "Yes, I have a copy of my backup verification codes" and then Click NEXT.

12. Now enter your recovery or secondary mobile number to receive your verification codes, in case of losing your primary mobile.

13. Click Next if the screen (as shown in the image) appears.

14. Now click on TURN ON 2-STEP VERIFICATION, as shown in the image.

15. Click OK in the confirmation box, and after clicking OK, you will be logged out from google accounts.

16. Now if you login to your gmail, it will send you the verification code through SMS/Call (As you selected while setting up the service). Enter the code in the box and click VERIFY. After that, you will be logged into your gmail account.

NOTE: While logging in through verification code, if you select "Remember This Computer For 30 Days", google will not send you verification codes for 30 days if you login on same pc and you will be directly redirected to your account after entering mail id and password, as everyone uses to login.
Enjoy enhanced security with gmail's this features.
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