Special For Girls: Online Makeover For Photos

Hey girls, here is a cool site for you all to do experiments with your looks, without going to beauty parlor and without spending money. One thing you need is only a photograph of your face. So now, let's start. I am sure you will be amazed.

> Visit www.taaz.com and create an account for free. (You can continue without account creation, but this will not allow you to use your photos. So create an account to use full features.)
> Now, click MAKEOVER tab and login with your registered username and password.
> Now click BROWSE to upload your photo.

> After uploading your photo, TAAZ will trace your face area and show you on the screen.

> After clicking YES, it will trace your eyes. Adjust the area of eyes by moving the dots over the border of the eyes and click NEXT. It shows a help in the left side.

> Now, adjust the eye iris and pupil and click NEXT as shown in the image or shown on the help image on site.

> Now adjust the eye brow and click NEXT as shown in the figure.

> Now tell it whether mouth is open or not. In my girl's photo, her mouth is closed. So i selected NO, but if in your photo, mouth is open, select YES.

> Now, adjust the area of lips and click START MAKEOVER.

> Now, you will see a window which contains your make-up items to apply on the face.

> Let's start with face. Click on the FACE tab and select you desired colors for FOUNDATION, CONCEALER, BLUSH and BRONZER. You can choose your favorite brand and price also. Select your desired color by clicking color palate. Your selected color will pe previewed on your image face. If you don't like your selected color, simply select another color by clicking on it.

> In the same way, use all the features of make-up kit tabs and beautify your photo. You can change hair styles, eye color, put sunglasses, apply lipstick and can do many more thigs with your photo. After finishing the makeover, click SAVE and click TO MY COMPUTER.

> Now i'm sure what are you thinking now. You are thinking to create your photos in different styles and show them to others. Anyways, enjoy virtual make-up and please send me your feedbacks.

Note: In the whole process, your image will be in the center showing the previews of make-up you applied on your photo. I didn't show the snapshots with full screen because of less space.



This work doesn't require a great knowledge of computer and softwares. Any person with a little knowledge of Internet operating and pc operating can do it easily.



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