SpeedBit Video Accelerator Premium V3.1

* Eliminate buffering of YouTube and other web videos.
* Watch smooth HD Videos with Premium acceleration.
* Video Downloader expansion lets you save YouTube videos.
SpeedBit Video Accelerato is a ground breaking application that lets you enjoy the world of internet video without long frustrating waits. Video Accelerator provides fast streaming of web videos from leading sites  and significantly reduces buffering of higher resolution HQ videos.
SpeedBit Video Accelerator will make your videos stream faster and play smoother, reducing buffering problems and video “hiccups”.
With SpeedBit Video Accelerator Premium you’ll enjoy the future of HD videos without the freezing and buffering problems of today. Additionally, with built-in Twitter integration you can Tweet your favorite videos as you watch them. Premium users also receive blazing fast iTunes downloads speeds so you can enjoy all your iTunes music, movie, and TV show purchases even faster.



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