Steps For Using Revo Uninstaller Pro to Uninstall Any Software Completely

Revo uninstaller pro is a superb software to uninstall any software completely. It's biggest plus point is "Removal of left over and useless files". Most of the visitors mailed me asking how to use this software. So, I am writing this post for those who are confused about using Revo Uninstaller Pro. Follow these steps:

1. Open Revo Uninstaller and Click "Uninstaller" as shown in the image below.

2. Now select the application (or software) you want to uninstall and then click UNINSTALL, as shown in the image below.

3. Revo will create a full backup of windows registry and will create a restore point, so that you can restore your settings later, if any problem occurs (don't worry, no any problem is going to occur).

4. Now, the software's default uninstaller will be launched.

5. Do your uninstallation normally and if it asks to restart windows, select "Restart Computer Later" and finish normal uninstall.

6. Now, select "ADVANCED" option and click scan. Revo Uninstaller is now scanning for left and useless files of the software you recently uninstalled.

7. Now you will see the useless regisrty entries and files which were not uninstalled by the default uninstaller. Now click SELECT ALL and then click DELETE. It will ask for a confirmation, click YES.

8. Now if some more useless files appear, click SELECT ALL and then DELETE. When all the leftover files are deleted, click FINISH (Most of the cases, revo autometically close it's uninstaller after complete uninstall without clicking FINISH).
Now, your uninstalled software is completely removed from your pc, and in this way Revo saved your pc from errors and junk files and junk registry keys.
I recommend you to use revo uninstaller pro for uninstallation.



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