Turn Your Mobile In WiFi HotSpot

For Symbian Smartphones:
Nokia Symbian S60 phones are lucky in this matter, and they can convert themselves in a wi-fi hotspot. Joikuspot Lite is a free application which can convert a Nokia S60 phone into a wi-fi hotspot. This application supports MEMO POWERED Nokia N-900, Samsung S60 e.g. OMNIA HD also.Not only this, you can install joikuspot app in nokia s60 5th edition phones, latest symbian 3 (Nokia C6, C7, C8 and E7), but free version of joikuspot has some liitations also. In free version, users can't change the name of their network and free version is not safe because password fascility is disabled in this version, which can make other wi-fi device hack your network and use your internet. This free version supports basic protocol only. So, I'll suggest you to use it's paid version to make your wi-fi network more safe and better. The paid version of this software is available only in approx Rs.582 ($12). You can download the sofware from www.joiku.com

I am providing this premium software free. DOWNLOAD FROM HERE

For Android Phones:
Visit www.code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether

For Windows mobile 6.5:
Visit www.joiku.com

For IPhone 4 (Unlocked/Jailbroken phones only):
Visit www.intelliorn.com



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