WinStep Start Menu Organizer Pro 1.4

The Winstep start menu organizer is an application designed to help you organize and clean your Start Menu.
Over time, as more and more applications get installed, the Start Menu can get so cluttered that you end up spending a lot of time just trying to find that program you want to run. This is where the Winstep Start Menu Organizer comes in: it allows you to quickly group your Start Menu shortcuts into a specific set of categories (e.g. Utilities, Internet, Office, etc…) thus making finding what you are looking for a lot easier and much faster!
Organizes your Windows Start Menu.
Extremely easy to use with intuitive interface.
Full Drag & Drop support.
Multi item selection and handling.
Unlimited Undo and Redo levels.
No actual changes made until you are satisfied with the new organization.
Start Menu Backup and Restore support.
Automatic backup of the Start Menu contents on first run.
Support for single click removal of irrelevant shortcuts.
Ability to search for and remove dead shortcuts.
Multi language support.
Ten standard categories pre-available.
Create your own Categories.
Rename Categories.
Delete Categories.
Add Subcategories.
Ability to reorganize all items in the Start Menu, not just the items at the root.



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