10 Things You Might Not Know About Steve Jobs

1. He was an Assyrian

According to his records, he was born and raised in San Francisco, California on February 24, 1955 but technically, he was an Assyrian since his real father was a professor of Political Science. Since he was just adopted by the parents who took care of him from birth to his growing years, what runs in his blood was the blood of his real parents. His Father was a Muslim Assyrian that could even tell that he was a Muslim by blood.

2. He was Dyslexic

We might wonder that the primary reason why he did not continue finishing his college degree at Reed College is because of his condition. Yes, He had dyslexia, which explains that he had a learning disability that affects his ability to read. How about Albert Einstein? He was a known genius in history but had dyslexia too. It could even be attributed that it is not a learning disability but over intellectual ability because of the many discoveries and creation, that he had done that made Apple famous and undisputed.

3. He was a Buddhist

He was not a member of any Christian denomination but he was a Buddhist himself. In fact, he even tried to serve as a monk during his younger years. Everything happened after he dropped from Reed College, he decided to have a trip in India. When he came back, his head was shaved and was even experimenting LSD, which he said was a turning point of his life.

4. He was adopted

His biological parents had decided to give him away since they were not ready to fulfill parental responsibilities so they asked the parents who adopted Steve to make sure that they were college graduates just to ensure Steve’s future. They lived to his real parents because they never got any degree. But from his biological parents, he has a sister named Mona Simpson who is a famous and known novelist.

5. He saw an Actual Computer at Age 12

He became exposed in the computer industry when Larry Lang from Hewlett Packard who was an engineer that time showed to him his first computer. That was the beginning of his connection with gadgets and technological development.

6. Calligraphy Was His First Love
He did not like any gadget at the beginning. What he really loved was calligraphy. In fact, this what he had done after dropping out from Reed College. This is where he became interested in penmanship and fonts where Macintosh typefaces came from.

7. A College Drop Out

Who would ever think that this business magnate and an icon of Apple was not able to finish his college degree. He just went one semester at Reed College and nothing followed after he dropped out. Fortunately, he was much blessed than those who have completed and earned higher degrees than he earn.

8. $1 Annual Salary

Although, he was a self-made billionaire, he was only receiving $1 annual salary from Apple. Believe it or not, that is actually one of the realities that you have to know. In fact, he earns more from Disney through his share that he invested on it.

9. A Vegetarian Himself

When he co-founded Apple Computer Incorporated on April 01, 1976 together with Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, the name of the company itself was patterned and derived from his personality and eating lifestyle. He was a vegetarian and fruitarian himself. In fact, apple was his favorite fruit. In fact, he shared the same thing with his wife who does not eat any meat or products alike and have been maintaining that ever since.

10. 136th Richest Person in the World
Last year on Forbes 2010 World’s Billionaires, he was named as the 136th richest person in the world with his 5.5 billion net worth. In fact, when he turned 25 years old, he was already a declared multimillionaire even before he left Apple in 1984. He had many investments and one of which is the share that he still has at Disney where he was earning $48 million annually.



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