Encrypt Confidential Messages To Make Messages More Secured

> Visit www.encipher.it

> Bookmark It.
Now after you have done that you simply have to Encrypt your message like suppose your right a Email to your friend like below .:
> So now as you compose your email simply select the text you wanna encrypt and than click on the Encipher It Book which will open something like above dialog box, now enter the password or anything with which you wanna encrypt the message.
> Now as soon as you encrypt the message you will see your message will be converted to something like below .:
> So now send the email to your friend and now if he wanna check the message he also have to select the whole message and than he has to click Encipher It bookmark which he should also have than he will get another dialog box saying Decrypt like below .:
> So now as soon as he puts the password you have set the password will become the normal one and he will be able to read that.
> So now you get that how to encrypt any message on the go without any advanced knowledge. So in this way you can protect any confidential message from the strangers hand.



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