Get Free Recharge On Any Network

Hi friends. Their are many website available on internet that are offering free recharges but most of them are scams. Yes but today I have a new website that is 100% legal and its genuine to make recharges from that site.You just have to post comments, refer friends, upload vedios or photos, etc. That means all activities you do you will earn points. Just read out whole post to know more.....

Free Recharge For Airtel,Reliance,Tata docomo,Aircel,Idea,Bsnl,Vodafone,etc

How it works :-
It will recharge our mobile when we have total 900 points.or 1700 or 2500. We will get 30 points for daily login. Give your 1 minute daily to login this site. After 30 days you will get 900 points and free recharge.

The full table to earn points

ActivityPointsMaximumReset period
Refer friends (actual signup)50UnlimitedNever
Signup Bonus10UnlimitedNever
Add a friend2101 day(s)
Comment on someone's profile181 day(s)
Upload profile photo221 day(s)
Edit / Update profile111 day(s)
Update status111 day(s)
Login to site (requires logout)1011 day(s)
Adding a Song5101 day(s)
Upload new photo / media to album2101 day(s)
Comment on photo / media181 day(s)
Post a blog5UnlimitedNever
Comment on Blog1UnlimitedNever
Create a poll241 day(s)
Participate in poll181 day(s)
Commenting on a Poll181 day(s)
Create new group551 day(s)
Join a group121 day(s)
Comment on group121 day(s)
Comment on group photo151 day(s)
grouppost151 day(s)
newgroupmedia141 day(s)
grouptopic141 day(s)

  • Airtel
  • Aircel
  • Vodafone
  • Idea
  • Reliance
  • Bsnl
  • Tata docomo

After earning the points sufficient for recharge, login to your account and click EARNINGS tab.
Then Your Vault Will Appear.
(click images to enlarge)
Now Click SPEND POINTS. You will see recharge options. Select Any option which fits with your vault balance.
After selecting any recharge option, buy it with your points. Then it will be shown as pending in your transaction history.
When your recharge request is approved by admin, you will get an e-top on your mobile and the status will appear as completed.




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