Hack facebook With KeyLogger

As you must have read at many blogs, it is very easy to hack the facebook accounts with the help of keyloggers. Black Hat hackers are using such techniques to spy on Facebook accounts.

All you need to know is the Email Id of the Victim. We’re explaining here how to break its password. The one of  the common software used is Emissary Keylogger to hack the facebook password & So we are using it to demonstrate this tutorial.

Step for Hacking Facebook using Keyloggers:

1.    Download the software Emissary Keylogger.
2.    Make sure you have installed .Net framework. If not you install that.
3.    Extract the files with the help of Winrar or Winzip.
4.    Run the Emissary keylogging software on your PC .
5.    Open the  Emissary keylogging . It will be like the below given figure.

6.    The above page has some details given such Gmail Username (This will have your Gmail accounts id. Where all the passwords are imported from target PC).

Gmail password (you choice of password)
Server Name (give it as server.exe)
Interval (according to you r wish you keep the Timer)

7.    Then the Option part selection :
Block AV Sites: Blocks for the VirusScanning Websites on target computer.
Add to Startup: Adds to Startup via Registry
Antiviruses: Anubis, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Keyscrambler, Malwarebytes, NOD32, Norman, Ollydbg, Outpost, Wireshark.
Disable TaskManager: Disable TaskManager on target PC
Disable Regedit: Disable’s  the Regedit on target PC.
8.    Then Download and Execute the Trojan Downloaded on the target PC . (Some antiviruses can report Trojan as malicious)

9.    Once you complete with this. Hit the Built the server keylogger file is created in the current directory.

10.  After this created server file should be send to the target PC and make sure that it gets installed. This can be done by applying some tricks such as this file can be send by any song or video on Target PC. One this song or video is played it get installed in that target PC.

11.  Once this file is  runs on the target PC it send all stored password to the Gmail account which is mentioned.

12.   The User will such message in his Inbox of his Account. It consist of the victim’s Email-Id and stored password.

13.    Now with this you can Access the target persons Account without knowing the person.

Note : This article is for educational purpose only for ethical hacking students. Please note that hacking anyone's account is violation of Facebook’s Terms & Conditions. Also if you break in to anyone's private account it is considered as a crime. We will be not responsible for any misuse of this tutorial.



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