How to control PC remotely using google chrome

Follow the below steps to see how it works .:
1. You and your partner need to have Chrome Browser installed for this to work now Install the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension for your Chrome Browser, its size is 20 MB.
2. Now after installing this extension you can open it from Tab Start page like below .:

3. Now after you click on the application it will open another tab and display something like below .:

4. At this stage you have to Authorize the application to run so click on Continue.

5. Now you have to click on Allow access to allow its first run.

6. So now you will see something like above so click on Share This Computer.

7. Now after you click on Share This Computer you will get the code which you have to give it to your friend who wanna Remote Control your computer.So now your friend has to enter this code so that he can Remote Control your PC, so he will simply click Access a Shared Computer and he will enter the code like below .:

8. Now he can remote control your PC by just using Google Chrome not anything else so its really fun without any software. This can help your friend with any problem he wants you to solve that so enjoy and make sure you share this amazing post.



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