Install Updated XP mode On Your Windows 7

Missing old days when your system was rocking with Windows XP? Facing problem in installing programs which were compatible in Windows XP but not in Windows 7. If you are still in love with Windows XP then you still have a chance now to install XP mode on windows 7. An updated version of XP mode offers this chance in which it requires no hardware virtualization. This updated version of XP mode came out because Microsoft dropped the basic requirement for this kind of virtual hardware platform. Although there is no need for hardware virtualization but still it is highly necessary that you are at least  using Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate version.
To do this in a proper manner you need to download and install correct version of XP mode. We will try to install XP mode on our system which does not support Hardware virtualization on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit version.

Installation of Updated XP Mode on Windows 7

  • First of all you need to visit XP mode website and select your current edition of Windows 7 along with the language. Once you have selected all three options, you will find 3 downloadoptions; Windows XP mode, Windows Virtual PC and the Windows XP Mode Update.

> Before you start downloading XP mode files, Windows genuine Validation will be required. As soon as you click on the first link, an executable file named Windows Activetion Update will be downloaded. Once the download gets finished, install it to carry on with further steps.
> Windows Validation check once gets over; download Windows XP Mode which is of 470 MB in size. Install XP Mode, following the default settings of wizard.
> In second step you have to install KB958559, which is a Windows Update file meant for Virtual PC. System will reboot once it gets installed.
> After the system restarts, you will have to install KB977206 an Update file For Windows XP Mode. Once again the system will reboot after its installation.
> After this system restart you will find XP Mode under Windows Virtual PC folder in Start Menu. Click on Windows XP mode and accept the license agreement. Click next to continue the process.
Enter you credentials required for Login. Choose your desired option for Automatic updates.
> After this a window will appear with a message written “Setup will share the drives on your computer with Windows XP Mode”. Click Stat Setup to begin the process of hardware sharing.
Setup will show the display of XP Mode and will tell how to use it. After this XP Mode will launch and then you can start using your older applications which were not compatible with Windows 7.
Overall this process and updated XP Mode is a boon for those people who are still struggling with software versions. Home versions of Windows 7 cannot perform this task; hence they cannot enjoy the virtual environment of XP.



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