Install Windows 7 from Pen Drive

Facing trouble in installing Windows 7 from DVD drive? Try to install Windows 7 from pen drive. Although there are many methods by which you can create a bootable pen drive but we will discuss the simplest method. There is a free tool which Microsoft provides to create a bootable pen drive. Let’s see how this tool works and how easy this process is.
Basic requirements for this process
  • USB Device (minimum 4GB space)
  • .ISO File (you may say, disk image file) of Windows 7 (desired version e.g. Home Basic, Ultimate, Enterprise etc.)
  • WIndows 7 USB/DVD Tool (compatible with Windows XP, Vista & Windows7)
  • Back up your essential data.

Process to create bootable pen drive

  • Launch the Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool and browse for a Windows 7 .ISO file. Once you get the file, click next to continue.

  • Click on USB device when you are asked to choose the media type.

  • Select the USB Drive from the drop down menu when the tool asks for “Insert USB device”.
Sometimes when pen drive have less space than required, then Windows 7 USB/DVD tool asks to erase or clean data from pen drive.

  • Once the USB drive is selected the tool will start copying the content from mentioned .ISO file.

  • Reboot you system and change the boot sequence in BIOS to boot from USB device. Now you can easily install windows 7 on your machine.

Many times during installation when system reboots it again jumps back to step 1 of formatting. To prevent this just remove the pen drive, let system boot and then again insert pen drive to continue the formatting process.
There are methods too through which you can create  bootable pen drive like with the help of command prompt but this method is simplest and can be easily understood by anyone. So enjoy formatting your system through pen drive.



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