Know Passwords Of Thousands Of People without Hacking

Know Passwords Of Thousands Of People without Hacking

When users login to any site, logs are created on the web, and by accessing those logs, we can access anyone's account id and password (it's not for some particular person's id and password, you will see only stored logs) without hacking.
You are surprised...!! Yes, it's very simple and easy and can be done using google. I am giving a code below. Copy that (This blog's copy function is disabled to keep the content safe from copy-cats, so better to copy from source code.) and paste in google search bar. Replace "" with your required website, as and press enter. You will see so many logs of different sites. Open any link and you can see the user id and passwords. Enjoy.
Copy the whole green code below and paste in google and replace the site name. You can change the date also to get recent logs.

Code: Program:     Url/Host:     Login:        Password:  Computer:     Date:      Ip: 


NOTE: This post is only for educational purpose. Don't misuse it. I will not be responsible for any trouble if you misuse it.



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