Run Opera Mini On PC To Surf Faster

As we know Opera Mini is the most popular browser for mobile phones, but have your ever think to run on your pc for full screen.Yes,it is possible , you can surf internet with blazing speed on your pc. It works great on slow Internet connections with minimum data usage.

Things Required:

1) MicroEmulator (Download From Here)
2) Java Run Time Enviornment (JRE) Preinstalled on your pc. (Download From Here)

Step1: Download and extract MicroEmulator on your pc.Right Click on the Microemulator.jar and open Java Platform(this option will appear if you have JRE preinstalled on your pc).

Step2: MicroEmulator window will open ,  Goto on file>>Open jad file>>Opera-mini-4.0.10406-advanced-int.jad (Browse in the extracted folder).

Step3: After that Click on start and njoy the opera mini full screen on your pc.

Note: Make sure Resizable device is selected.For selecting resizable device Goto Option>>Select device  ,  click on Add , browse for 'Device' folder in the extracted folder and select microemu-device-resizable.jar and set as default.



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