Watch Banned And Blocked Videos On Youtube

Sometimes watching videos on YouTube you come across some videos which is blocked or banned for access in your country, that might be due to some personal problem or copyright issues but you want to watch that video well is their any way well the answer is yes there is a very easy trick to access blocked and banned YouTube Videos, so follow the below steps to see how it works.
Follow the below steps .:
1. Go to
2. Now open the blocked video and it will say something like this video cannot be played in your country.
3. Now you will see its URL in the address bar, we have to make a small change to that to access that video in your country.
4. Suppose the URL is something like below .:
5. So you can see in the above URL I have bold the small part you have to replace that part with v/ now the URL becomes something like below .:
6. So now simply access that blocked URL easily and watch unlimited outside country videos.



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