WizardBrush 6.7

You don’t have to have a Ph.D to use this magic natural media painting software. It’s a must-have for painting fans.
With many kinds of real-texture paper and natural-style paint-brush, such as water-color brush and oil-paint brush, you can create natural-media-style digital painting work with many traditional styles together. You can be a super painter and have fun at the same time with this magic painting software.

With demo-clips, learning is easy. You can also record your painting steps. That is useful while teaching.
Hi speed performance. It runs fast and efficient on all windows platforms, from Win95 to Windows Vista.
Don’t take it as a toy. This magnificent out-looking painting software has lots of professional image processing and filter features.
Easy To Use:
With cartoon-icon buttons, learning is easy.
Supports All:
It runs fast and efficient on all windows platform, from Win95 to Windows 7, including Vista.



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