Bypass Deep-Freeze Process With Anti-Deep-freeze

Deep-Freeze is that state when you do anything like modifying system files, downloading any new software will automatically be undone after a system restart. So if you go to cyber café and you are downloading any big files from torrent and that computer has Deep-Freeze enabled that if its restarted your files will be deleted and the computer will restored to that original state.
So we have an amazing small utility called Anti-Deep-Freeze which can automatically break this process and help you to download anything without any restrictions.
So you don’t have to do anything just Download Anti-Deep-Free Utility.
After downloading this small utility you can either choose New Process which is the best option or you can go with another option which selects Bypass Exists Process.
 So now when ever you visit any cyber café and you wish to download some huge files through torrents first off all make sure you run this utility to check if there is no Deep Freeze enabled on that computer. After that enjoy easy downloads. You can download this utility from below link and than carry this right in your Pen Drive.



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