Create, Delete, Resize And Recover DISK Partitions In Windows xp, vista, 7

Creating, resizing, deleting and recovering the disk partitions can be really difficult by using the installation CD, so to make the process easy i would recommend you to use WONDERSHARE DISK MANAGER, it is a WINDOWS partition management utility to create, delete, resize and recover disk partitions. Its really easy to use and can be done within a short matter of time.
  • First of all DOWNLOAD and install the utility.
NOTE : This is a free tool, but you need to register with them to get your REGISTRATION KEY to use the features.
  • The utility performs tasks in 2 modes, EXPERT MODE and WIZARD MODE.
1. Expert mode : In the expert mode you should manually perform the operation.
2. Wizard mode : In wizard mode there are some simple wizard to easily resize, delete, create, format and recover the disk partitions.
The following screenshots will make it even more clear.(EXPERT MODE)

In the WIZARD MODE you will get some options like this.

I will be showing you how to RESIZE a partition.
Click on “RESIZE A PARTITION WIZARD”. Then select a partition which you want to resize.

I have selected “C” drive, you can select any drive. Then in the next step change the “SIZE AFTER PARTITION” to your comfort and click NEXT to continue.

By clicking NEXT it will ask for a reboot for the changes to take effect. Click on restart and the system will restart, and the changes will take effect.
Wondershare Disk Manager works on Windows xp, Windows vista and WIndows 7.



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