Get A Mail Id With Address

We all indians have been using gmail, yahoo, rediffmail etc for a long time, but do you know, you can get a brand new mail id containing domain...!! This is very good for all the indians.
Most of the times we couldn't get our desired mail id on other mail portals and that's why we had to choose our ids with extra characters. But if you register for your india mail id soon, you can get your desired username.
The mail services of are very advanced and according to the needs of the new generation. Here, you can get latest news of I.T., Bollywood, Music, Food etc. You can customize themes also. You can redirect your mails on other id, add-on third party accounts, block unwanted mailers and can access your mails through mobile and outlook express also. Not only this, you can import your facebook contacts in your mail account with single click. You can upload your contact list in .CSV and VCard format. And one more thing, you can get updates from your facebook and twitter friends in your mailbox, if you connect your facebook and twitter accounts with this.
So, in my opinion, it's very good for everyone and is according to the new generation.



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