Magix PC Check and Tuning 2012 V7.0.401.3

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2012 is the reliable solution for maintaining and speeding up your computer. Automatic optimization ensures that problems and weaknesses with the system are identified and fixed in one step. What is more, the integrated driver and software update keeps your computer up to date at all times. The program thus makes relaxed work, speedy surfing, fast PC games and smooth multimedia use possible – lots of strained computers will be returned to their original speed.

- Automatic tuning with 1-Click Check and Optimization
- Driver and software update
- Live system monitoring
- High-speed mode
- Performance check
- Hard disk and internet traces cleaner
- Hard disk defragmentation
- Registry cleanup & defragmentation
- Energy saving optimization
- Internet tuning
- System start optimization
- Optimizing Windows design and settings
- System start optimization
All functions
- BETTER! Automatic tuning with “PC Check”
- NEW! PC Live
- BETTER! System start analysis
- NEW! MAGIX Driver Update MX
- BETTER! Software update
- BETTER! High-speed mode
- NEW! Performance check
- BETTER! Optimization of Windows services
- BETTER! Internet tuning
- Delete Internet history
- Clean registry
- Defragment registry
- Power saving scheme
- NEW! Defragment drives
- Win memory!
- Data shredder
- Rescue file
- System restore
- Netbook tuning
- Configure Windows
- Swap file
- File assignment
- Info about the PC
- 1-click quick maintenance



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