Ultimate Facebook Blocker Add-On For Firefox

Facebook blocker add-on is an amazing Firefox add-on which simply blocks all the information from other websites to be submitted to Facebook through Like Button. So whenever you browse any website and come across a Like Button your information is shared with Facebook hence disturbing your privacy. In this case Facebook blocker can help you out maintaining your privacy.
Simply install the Facebook Blocker add-on for Firefox and than it works on it own fully automated process. This is done very simply and unobtrusively: Any request to Facebook.com that originates from a URL other than Facebook.com is stripped of all cookies.
It blocks the flow of information from third-party sites to Facebook, but still lets you use Facebook itself and even the "I like"-Button. The only difference is that your data in _only_ submitted, if you click this button, and not on each and every pageload. So install add-on today and have fun anonymously.



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