Website Launching: Step By Step Tutorial

Hi friends. I have been getting lots of requests to post the article about launching a website on the internet with a valid domain name. In response to those requests, I am writing this article. I hope all of you will like it. Follow the steps given below:
To launch a website, first of all we need A DOMAIN NAME, A WEB HOSTING FTP SITE and OUR HTML/PHP FILES.
So in our first step, let's see hoe to register a domain name. (Note: Keep your ATM/VISA/CREDIT CARD ready with you because domain names are not free of cost.)
To register a domain name, you can use so many websites like,, etc.


I am registering from's domain registering service. (You must create an account on to avail this facility)
> Search for your domain whether it is available or not. If it is available, register the domain by doing payment online.
> After successful registration, you can access your control panel using your rediffmail id and password from this link:

> After logging in, you can see your control panel welcome page as shown below.
> Now, click on MANAGE DOMAIN to see domain options.
> After clicking, you can see the domain options.
> Now let's register for an ftp web hosting site. I am using because it gives one year free hosting and many more features in it's chocolate plan. Visit and create an account under chocolate plan. Click Take It Now to open registration form.


> Now before filling registration form, go to your rediff domain control panel and change the DNS SETTINGS as

See the images below:

> Now, after changing the DNS RECORDS, click PROCEED and sign out from
> Now fill the freehostia form and select USE MY EXISTING DOMAIN option and enter your registered domain name and then finsh the sign-up process.
> Now you will get your freehostia control panel login id and password in your registered mail id in your inbox. Please check SPAM mails also, because free hosting sites are used by hackers and that's why the mails regarding this are considered as spam by gmail etc.
> Now access your freehostia control panel with the mailed id and password.
> Now, you will see your web hosting control panel. Now you are ready to upload your website files in your hosting site.
> Now, let's check whether our domain is correctly configured with ftp hosting site or not. To check this, click HOSTED DOMAINS under MY DOMAINS>DOMAIN MANAGER section as shown below.
> When you click on that, you will see something like below. If a green correct symbol appears, your DNS SETTINGS are perfectly working. See the image below:
> Now, click FILE MANAGER under FILES section to upload your files.
> After going to the file manager, you will see folder named as your domain name. Double click on that folder to go in it and to upload the files for that domain name. I have created a subdomain also, as shown in the figure, but you need to upload the files in main domain named folder.

> After entering in your domain named folder, delete the file named index.html or index.php, if there is any file.
> Now, click UPLOAD NEW FILES as shown in the figure. Select your website files and upload them. Make sure that the name of your homepage is index.html so that it will be opened if domain is opened on the net, i.e. your site is opened through your domain name.

> After finishing the upload process, you can test your files by right clicking on it and clicking on VIEW ONLINE option.
> After completing all the processes, sign out from your ftp site, i.e.
> Now type your domain name in address bar of browser and press enter. If the site is not opening, don't worry. It may take about 24 hours to become alive on the net. After that, you can access your brand new site through your brand new domain.


NOTE: Most of the FTP SITES have different file uploading rules. If you are using any other FTP site, then upload your files in PUBLIC_HTML folder to work your website properly.



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