What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website

I have been thinking many times that why people love Websites Instead of Blogs so I became to create a post about this.We all know what websites are, they’ve been around for a long time now, but blogs are still quite new, and they have an air of mystery and geekiness about them.

The word blog comes from “web log”, which is the original term for an online journal, which is essentially what a blog is – an online diary organised and displayed chronologically.In blogs, there is a thing called posts,as you are reading and all peoples do the same.
Difference Between A Website and Blog:-
  • A website is static, a blog is organic
  • A blog is a website, but a website is not a blog
Difference Between Website:-
Most small business consist of few pages on their websites like:
  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Services Page
  • Contact Page
When the site is complete designer hands it over to the client and that's it.The designer and client may never see each other again, unless the client decides they want further pages adding or images changing, whereupon the client heads back over to the designer and he/she charges the client a hefty fee for making those changes.

5 Points That Website Does Not Provide Instead Blog Provide This:-
  1. You must know the coding language to make a Website.
  2. Website not updated daily and not provide fresh and good content.
  3. There is usually no feature that automatically notifies your readers of the update. Yes, you can put together a Newsletter, but that is generally something that is manually put together.
  4. Visitors can visit only one time not daily.
  5. Website can't create loyal readers.
  6. Website does not give you knowledge about Internet instead of Blog provide this.Example is in your own screen as you see this article and gaining knowledge.
Difference Between Blog:-
  1. First of all the main thing is Blog is updated daily almost.
  2. Provide commenting system.
  3. Blog provide a unique and fresh content.
  4. No Coding Or Language needed.
  5. Frequently crawled by Search Engines.
  6. Blog covers a wide variety of articles.
  7. Blog create a loyal readers.
  8. Blog provide a newsletter to connect their readers to their blog.
  9. In blogs we can make a good friends also.
  10. Blogs are more like newspapers. Covering a vast variety of topics. About: Technology and many more....!



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