Awesome Folder Hiding Trick For Windows

Now I will teach U a best and the most premium way to hide your personal stuff from the unknown or strangers eyes. The one simplest way everybody uses is just going to tools>folder options>view>then selecting hide folder and that’s it but I will tell you the best way in which if a unknown person selects view hidden files than also it will be not visible to anyone.
This trick is very cool and most of the people don't know this trick. So it will be always better to use this trick to hide your folders instead of using the windows default folder options trick.

How to Hide Folder .:
1. First create the folder in the drive you want to hide.
example : Creating ABC folder in D: drive
2. Now you have all the stuff which U want to hide from the people in ABC folder which is in D: drive
3. Now go to RUN by hitting Windows key + R
4. Type attrib +s +h D:/ABC
5. The above one is the command for hiding the folder, in above command D is the drive name and ABC is the folder name as I mentioned above.
6. Now simply hit Enter to Hide and vanish away ABC folder and become safe from the unattended stranger.
How to Unhide Folder .:
1. Now you had learned to hide your folder in a premium way well ya you can test it by going to tools/folder option/show hidden files, it will still not show and its totally hidden.
2. Now to unhide it what you need to do is too simply reverse the RUN Command which you previously gave to hide your folder.
3. Now again open RUN and reverse the command attrib –s –h D:/ABC
4. That’s it now you had reveled your personal files so hide them again or I will see them :)



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