Face Recognition Login Software for Home and Corporate Users

I have provided some face recognition softwares earlier also, now I am back with another software, LUXAND BLINK.
LuxandBlink Pro

Have you ever imagined being able to log into your computer just by looking at the screen? This is more than just a fun gadget, however. Being able to log into your computer just by looking at it is not only faster, but it is also far more secure and convenient.

With a traditional password login, anyone who knows the password such as by finding it out by covert means can simply log into your computer. Things such as fingerprint readers and other forms of biometric identification are practically impossible to circumvent. Many people don’t prefer fingerprint identification, however. Another form of biometric identification is that of iris scanning, but this is pretty much restricted to use in airports. It is highly expensive and requires very powerful hardware and expensive software. It is not practical for home use.

Face-based Biometric Identification

By contrast, face-based biometric identification allows you to enjoy face recognition login without having to spend too much money. All you have to do is look at a web cam for a second and the software will instantly identify the user. This effectively allows users to log into their computer just by sitting in front of it and looking at the camera. One solution which makes face recognition login possible is Luxand Blink! Pro, A program that negates the necessity for fingerprint scanners or the typing of lengthy passwords. What’s more, the software supports all webcam types and also accommodates for many different lighting conditions as well. To make it more versatile than ever, it also recognizes faces which have different makeup, fashion accessories or different haircuts. You certainly don’t have to worry about the software not being able to recognize your face just because you have a different hairstyle or different makeup on one day.

FaceSDK 4.0
Released 7 December 2011

Enhance Your Products with Biometric Login

Biometric face recognition login also gives you an opportunity to enhance your products with the available SDK. It provides a great opportunity for building face-based identification into web-based and desktop applications. The product is very innovative and very accurate. It is reliable, allowing developers to enhance their software using face identification. Unlike some other methods of biometric identification, face recognition is much less intrusive, unlike fingerprint scanning or iris scanning identification systems. It also provides reliable identification which can meet any industry standard.

Reliable Identification

The face recognition login software uses clever and reliable algorithms to do its job. You only have to look at the webcam for a second, and the software will scan the picture, detecting the features of each face and comparing them to the images stored in its database. The technology is especially reliable, allowing a complete analysis of the similarity between two faces. The software has also gone through many FERET tests to confirm its high degree of reliability.

Get Yours Right Now!

The Pro version has the extra ability to automatically lock the computer when the registered user is away from the camera for a defined length of time. The software functions on both 32 and 64 bit systems including Windows Vista and Windows 7. Setting the software up is a quick and easy process. All you need is a webcam.


Name: Luxand Blink Pro
Code: 8F74-CEB6-7BF7

Name: Administrator
Code: 6D66-FE91-3F8D

Name: Admin
Code: 8331-1440-6DC4

Name: Owner
Code: C260-3110-5180

Name: Guest
Code: B823-27D5-4951

Name: Computer
Code: AAE3-535C-4584

Name: User
Code: 75E6-B296-2D16

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