Facebook Chat Allows Using Anyone’s Profile Picture As Emotion

Recently I posted some Facebook New Smileys Emoticon Codes and now I have to share an awesome trick that how you can use your profile pic as emotions.

TIP: See How to Find Your Facebook Profile ID Number

How To Use Profile Pic As Emotions In Facebook Chat:

Step 1. Visit the profile of the person whose profile picture you want to use in the chat.
Step 2. Copy the Profile ID of the person’s profile. e.g. If its me, Ashutosh Kushwahait would be http://www.facebook.com/ashutoshkushwaha22 where ashutoshkushwaha22 is the username. You can get profile id using this method. (Click Here)
Step3. Now open Facebook Chat Box and type in two Square brackets like this [[ paste the username or profile ID after the two brackets then close both the brackets]]. So it would look like this:
[[100000638470225]] OR [[ashutoshkushwaha22]]
Step 4. Press Enter and the profile picture of the Page or Profile would be displayed in the chat box.

Step5. Finally you are done.

Note: You need to remember the Profile ID or the Username in order to use these emoticons.



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