Hide All Chrome Buttons At Single Click

While browsing internet you may come at a situation when you are searching for something private which only belongs to you and needs some serious privacy and some of your room mates come to your room and start checking what you are doing or it can be like at your home when your parents come and start checking what there is doing that situation is really embarrassing when they catch you with something not liked by them.
Well at that time do you have anything to say to them or explain then what you were doing? Well if you don’t have anything to say we have a solution for you to stay safe from anonymous person to check all your personal browsing activity.
Panic Button is an amazing chrome extension which provides you privacy while browsing some serious private websites. Well it can be anything but at a click of a Panic Button, boom all the tabs are hidden and to unhide them you will need a password, applied by you. So isn't that amazing.
So to hide all the opened tabs you have to simply click the Panic Button and they will be hidden. And as soon as all your trouble is gone you can again click on that button and enter your applied password your all tabs will be again recovered.

The extension also comes with an option where you can configure everything from password to safe page opening. You can check the below screenshot of options menu.




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