How To Send Large Files Through iPhone

Kicksend is another amazing app for iPhone which lets you send large files in Bulk right from your iPhone. So you can send huge HDR Photos, Full HD Videos and all other huge documents. So send those all files to your friends email and if he can grab and download them immediately.
So Kicksend is also providing applications for MAC and Windows PC but app for windows PC works through Adobe Air so it will download and work after Adobe Air is installed. Overall app interface is great and file sending is amazing, you obviously need to have a faster internet connection to send huge files.

So download Kicksend iPhone app now as it is free and you can visit their official website for further details on this app and to download the desktop application, you will need to create a account on their website or you can login through Facebook Account.
They are also providing free 750 MB for just completing some additional tasks you can check those after creating account on their website. So download this app now and share life moments with all your friends.



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