Let It Snow : Amazing Google Trick

Christmas is coming and so on the New Year and Happiness should be delivered to everyone's house through snow but you might not get snow in some parts in India but well Google never forgets to deliver some special gifts every festival so Google came with some interesting Google snow trick by which you can get Snow right on your desktop like below .:

So as you can see its really frosty above there in that image. So if you wanna check this cool Google Snow Search Trick than you make a search in Google with phrase “Let it snow”. Now as soon you make a search Let it snow snow will start falling right from top and as soon as you see that little search button transformed into “Defrost” you can rub whole screen to remove that snow from your desktop and view your results.
If you want to remove whole snow as once than click that Defrost Button and whole snow will be removed @ once. Enjoy this Christmas.



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