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Google Project Hosting
Googlepages were amazing resource for bloggers who could not afford web hosting costs. I remember, it offered a free storage of 100MB but due to its failure Google replace it with Google sites which proved to be far more unsuccessful. Development is increasing therefore Google showed its generosity again by providing a free 4GB upload storage with an  amazing upload limit  of 200MB per file! I found it too important for blogger users. We often need direct links to host JavaScript, jquery and some flash files. Due to low quality free serving sites like mydatanest, fileave, boxtr etc., I thought it would be great to share how can Google help you in this case. Lets learn a new free way to host files.
I must remind you that you can upload anything you want under the limit of 200MB per file. May it be Java, php, MySQL or even pyThon.

Google Project Hosting

This free service is called Google project hosting. We will need to create an account/project  first with gmail ID. Lets begin:
1. Log into this link with your Gmail ID.
2. Then give your Project a name without spaces and fill up remaining blanks as shown below.

Google Project Hosting
3. Fill up the areas simply with your blog title and choose MIT as the license and choose Mercurial version.
4. Hit "Create Project"
Google Project Hosting
5. On the next window click the New Download link under the Downloads Tab. See the screenshot below:
Google Project Hosting
6. Next to summary field give your file a name and hit the browse button to locate your file. Click submit file and bingo you are done!
Google Project Hosting
7. Click your uploaded file and you will be taken to a new page.
Google Project Hosting
8. Clicking it again will popup a download window but we don't need to download it. Instead right click the file and choose "Copy link address". This link is what you would need when linking to the file through your blogger Edit HTML section.


I will suggest you to save your javascripts here in order to make the tutorial length precise and make things look more simple. It wont slow down your widgets load time because the script is located on Google servers with 100% uptime. You can save javascripts on Blogger too but its better to keep your template clean rather pasting large chunks of code inside it.




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