Make Money Online With

Make Money Online With
Adf.Ly is a very great URL shortening website which helps you to short your URL so that you can share them up easily. This service pays you for using there url shortner and sharing your links.

How this Works .:
1. Go to Website.
2. Sign Up with a valid email and verify your sign up.
3. Now comes the best part.
Make Money Online With

4. Now after signing in to your account you will see something like above just put the bug URL you wanna short out and click short. This is just for the fast URL shortening. If you want to access some more features than click on more options and you can choose between domain. They have 3 types of domain names, you can choose about what type of advertisement you wanna do. The interstitial advert pays the highest amount from the other one.
5. So now just share your short link with friends and as soon as they open that link they will see something like below and when they click SKIP AD. Your click gets tracked and you get paid for that click.
Make Money Online With

What's the amount paid .:
The amount for CPM ( 1000 Clicks ) is different for all the countries but it gets affected after the positive reputation of the account holder. If your clicks are genuine then you will get paid more and earn more.
When they pay our earnings .:
As soon as you have $5 in your account they will pay you. So its really easy to get if you have high traffic on your website or you can take help of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Referral Program .:
They also have a referral program which pays you great. What you have to do is as you refer someone and he has a higher traffic on his website then you will get profited because does give you money just for referring someone but they pay you 20% of whatever he earns for lifetime. So now just refer a professional blogger and get paid for lifetime for free.
So JOIN it now and start making money online.



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