New Resident Evil 6 Details

New Resident Evil 6 Details - During Capcom’s 15th anniversary event in Japan, the company revealed a few details about Resident Evil 6, which was recently revealed with a rather lengthy trailer.

For starters, Leon’s new partner will be a security worker named Helena Harper. The game’s third main protagonist has yet to be named, and has only been referred to thus far as “the man who’s told to save the world.”
New Resident Evil 6 Details
The monster seen repeatedly in the trailer is named “Javo,” and is said to have an “even greater impact than the zombies.” I’m sure something was lost in translation there. Capcom further stated that “He looks and sounds terrifying,” giving the beast a definite gender. While the Nemesis-lookalike didn’t have any distinctly feminine features, how surprising a twist would it have been to find out that a character from some Resident Evil past turned out to be Javo?

Be sure to check out the Resident Evil 6 trailer if you haven’t seen it. The game is schedule to launch November 20, 2012.

What do you want to see in Resident Evil 6?

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