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January 6, 2009

Human Resources Department
Air Asia

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

If Air Asia requires a high-energy Flight Stewardess with a no-excuses attitude and is up to any task, than I’m the person you’re seeking.

I believe that my abilities and qualifications can be fully applied to our mutual benefit. My resume is enclosed for your review and consideration.

I am a female, 25 years old with 165cm height and 50 kgs weight. I am considered a pleasant personality and have a great communication skills. I also have willingness and commitment to serve a compulsory service bond. Other strengths include the ability to understand people’s character, hard work, coupled with integrity & dedication is the reason for success in each of my earlier assignments.

I believe that my organizational skills and my outgoing personality will enable me to contribute to your high standards. I am confident I can provide many valuable contributions to your company.

Thank you for reviewing my credentials. I look forward to hearing from you.



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