Use Old Facebook Without The Timeline [Google Chrome]

As we know, most of us are disappointed with the new Facebook Timeline interface which Facebook rolled-out recently. And even worse is the fact that we can not roll it back or use the Facebook without Timeline. So I found out a simple way to use the old Facebook. But this is client side thing and can be on your computer. That means others will see your profile with the new interface but you can use the old Facebook for all the profiles. The steps are very easy and can be done by installing a simple extension.

Steps To Use Facebook Without Timeline :
1. Go to this link and install User-Agent Switcher For Chrome. (If you fail and get an error message saying package is invalid then go to  "about:flags" on your chrome and enable "Experimental Extension APIs" . And then restart your browser and then try downloading User agent switcher.
2. Once installed you will see this icon on the upper-right of your Chrome browser.
Remove Facebook Timeline

3. Click on the icon shown in above step and select Internet Explorer 6 as shown below.
Remove Facebook Timeline

4. Now refresh your Facebook page and use Facebook without the Timeline.



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