Facebook Password Hacking Software

Hi friends, i have got a software to hack facebook account passwords and when i tested it, it really worked. But it says to turn off your antivirus and firewall, which causes the generation SVCHOST.EXE virus which makes the pc very slow and it disables the antivirus permanently.
This software asks for email id of the victim and their profile id (I told how to get profile id in my previous posts), then it asks your mail id and password. After making all the entries, it gives you the hash password of the victim. Simply decode the hash password and get the real password. Enjoy this FACEBOOK PASSWORD HACKING SOFTWARE.
When i tested this software, it really made me irritated and i had to format my pc bcoz i had not much time to search and fix the problems generated by that virus.
So try it on your own risk.

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WARNING: Don't misuse the software. This post is only for educational purpose.



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