How to Customize Firefox to Look like Google Chrome

Firefox and Google Chrome are the two best, fast and stable browsers. Some people love to use Firefox due to its massive add-ons support but well you get now everything you want with Chrome using its extensions but if you are in real love with your Firefox browser than you can customize it to look like Chrome with easy Add-on’s.
customize firefox as chrome

Chromifox Basic and Chromifox Extreme are the two add-on’s for Firefox which can accomplish this task really easily. What author says about this add-on check below.
“ Chromifox Basic is a coat of chrome for Firefox. It’s a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome browser and its open source roots, Chromium. ”

So now if you want to customize your Firefox too than you can visit and install below add-ons for free and give your Firefox the Chrome look.
Link : Chromifox Basic
Link : Chromifox Extreme



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