VLC Media Player Updated to 2.0 called “Two Flower”

VLC Media Player 2.0
VLC Media Player is the king in media player’s who has given a new dimension in viewing our movies and videos on our desktop has been updated to version 2.0 now called “Two Flower”. Well this is known as the major upgrade from them in the history and it adds many features + upgrading all the old features. Now all the information about the features is given right below you can check that out and than you go on their website links below to download this new version.
VLC Media Player 2.0

Key Features of VLC 2.0 Two Flower :

1. Upgraded faster decoding on Multicore, GPU and Mobile Hardware.
2. More formats added, now many more videos can be handled by this version.
3. New rendering pipeline with higher quality subtitles.
4. Supports new devices and Blu-Ray Discs.
5. Interface redesigned, much more easier to use.
6. Many Bugs are fixed and this is known as the major upgrade in the history of VLC Player.

Downloading 2.0 Version :

Well if you might have noticed you cannot upgrade your already installed 1.1 VLC Media player to 2.0 as it will only show that its totally updated, so you need to grab it from their official website so now download it and than install, if you already have old version installed it will ask you to uninstall that at the time of installation do that and than reinstall this version.



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